All The Analysts Who Were "Shocked" By Apple's Announcement

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  1. The market is taking it rather well, so far.

    However, we're still in the "speculation/uncertainty" leg of the bear market. IOW... there's not yet all that much general conviction about the downside.
  2. Haha, the bond markets across the world aren't in speculation mode... Junk bonds are gonna explode by February-March
  3. Your opinion, though not clear what you mean by "explode". Regardlesds, no evidence in the charts as of yet.
  4. LOOL, Look at HYG option chain open interest... March 19 is my favorite =) It is so dry banks had to " postpone " loans in December cause they could not find high yield bond buyers, there wasn't even one deal in whole month of December in Junk Bonds! Look at 10 years, it is financial collapse to the extreme, you would have to be seriously ignorant or delusional to ignore what is coming, I don't get some people. Every Business cycle since the 20s has been boom and bust, every time... There won't be a bust this time ? Considering the amount of corporate debt and leveraged loans, and Powell New Keynesian approach to economic views, its a wrap. Look at Junk Bond maturity starting in 2019, all those companies who have been kicking the can down the road by constantly getting new loans to repay old debt, will not be able too for this year and for a large part of next year, companies will default, people lose their jobs, mortgage delinquencies, snowball affect... Netflix had to go junk bond recently, if Netflix can only get loans in Junk area, what is gonna happen to AT&T and Tesla's ? What is your though process behind companies not having cash flow to repay bond maturity's coming up, while not being able to get loans anymore, please explain how that is gonna end up in your view
  5. I don't consider options. They are not "KISS". Price charts show what players are actually DOING with their money. Options are an extrapolation... and to play them successfully, you always have to overcome whichever side of the spread you're playing. (Not saying it's impossible... it's just an extra hurdle.)
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    stock_options. although we know mid-quarter downgrades are strong signals still whereas removing iphone sales from earnings reports are not.