All Sonic staff quits after wages slashed in half.

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    Yeah no, I'm not subsidizing your shitty fast food joint staff with tips...

    Ohio Sonic drive-in staff quit after wages were reportedly reduced to $4/hour

    The entire staff at three different Sonic fast-food drive-in restaurants in Ohio reportedly walked out to protest poor working conditions this past week. According to multiple reports, the walkouts–which happened in the Circleville area–were due to myriad management issues impacting workers. The main catalyst, according to a local ABC channel, was that Sonic corporate bought 10 local franchise locations and was implementing sweeping changes. Two were supposedly being closed while some of the others were being moved.

    Meanwhile, former employees told the Scioto Post that longtime managers were being let go as part of the changes. Not only that, but other former employees reportedly said that locations were decreasing wages to $4/hour plus tips (Ohio’s minimum wage is $8.55). I reached out to Sonic for comment on all of this and will update if I hear back. (Update: Sonic disputes that it decreased workers’ wages; see the statement below.)

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    Seems like management needs a basic lesson in supply and demand. You better keep your employees happy with the unemployment rate this low.
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    I don't know of a good place to ask, but do the front line people actually get those tips? I always have a suspecion that I'm subsidizing some middle management ass hole when I leave a tip. When I worked as delivery boy, the tips made my day and were really appreciated.

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    It supposedly gets thrown into a pool and split across the staff at the end of the day. Can't see how waiters wouldn't just cheat the cooks and counter people.
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    Circleville? That sounds like a city from Sim City. LOL Money makes everything go around. Nobody would work for half of the minimum wage no matter how good the work condition is. Looks like the new owner is going with a new direction: hiring cheap labour to cut cost to beat out the competition. It's fast food; the one with the lowest cost wins especially for a fast food chain that no one has heard of. So the company is probably happy that all of the staff quit altogether, saves them time, energy and cost to fire them one by one.

    Best of luck to the staff that quit. Hope they find better employment soon!
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    Always hire the illegals, ever think management wanted them to quit?
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    Hope it was worth the PR. Sonic now in full fledge damage control.

    Low skilled workers with a food license wont have a hard time in this job market.

    Illegals are here to make money though?
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    At the expense of USA citizens. False identities, they know our government assistance better than we do, women know it better to have many children by many fathers as their subsistence increases somehow? And if having multiple "wives",

    California has incredible amount of illegals, this is few years old...

    Part of reason CA is so deep in debt?

    It use to be they came over to pick crops, not any more. They doing skilled high paying jobs and our citizens can't get work as illegals willing to do it for much less.
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    Good, competition is the foundation of capitalism.
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    Which "skilled high paying jobs " you talking about? Very few Citizens want these low pay and low opportunity jobs anyway.
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