All polls but one now have Obama leading McCain around double digits....

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  1. Yet the FIX.... I mean FOX news is citing that one AP poll that has Obama up by only 2 pts. What is the point on burying one's head in the sand? Lets face it.... the ground swell is getting bigger and bigger for Obama. Terrorist now endorsing McCain on their web site...... Palin, floored by a gotcha question by a lil 3rd grader on what the VP job is........ McCain and Palin look horrible together when they do interviews.... I mean they look so tense! More and more Reps are now admitting Palin was a mistake, becoming a drag on the race.... although the toothless rednecks and believe the dinosaurs went extinct because Moses couldn't fit them in the Ark... all love her.

    Obama is our next President.... HAIL TO THE CHIEF!!

    The only thing that concerns me about Obama winning is, what will be the tax payer's cost of constantly replacing and fixing all the mirrors and clocks in the white house.... cause of having Michelle Obama around and all......
  2. I watched part of the interview yesterday. they hate each other, and it shows.
    She's the cheerful bully type, he's the angry grumpy man. He's 72, he'll either win or be buried (politically). She's a youngling with the "base" at her feet Not working, should have known better.
    Rev Wright, FAIL
    Georgia-Russia, FAIL
    Palin, FAIL
    Suspending Campaign, FAIL
    Ayers, FAIL
    Joe the Plumber, FAIL
    Socialism, FAIL
    Robocalls, FAIL

    14 more days, let's see what failed tactics he comes up with again.
    People have already started voting (early voting in a few states), in record numbers. doesn't bode well for McCain.
  3. bump..... cause i cant be the only one that thinks Michelle Obama is most hidous creature to ever walk upright. Will go down in history as the ugliest first lady ever.

    Would like to see Obamas medical records on his eye sight.
  4. Cindy McCain looks like death. I give you michelle is not the most striking woman ever but who cares, neither was hillary. Laura Bush ain't miss usa material either.
  5. There's a difference between not being miss usa material and having a face that can sink a thousand ships.
  6. Her face is the ugliest three dimensional shape I've ever laid my eyes on. She is Chelsea Cilnton ugly, She was on Larry King just a few days ago, I almost puked at her sight

    Cindy McCain despite being old, WAS very beautiful. google her pictures from the old times. McCain is better at getting in good looking women pants than managing a campaign.

    in the wives dept, Bush wins. Laura Bush is a Lady. makes all of them look like crap.

    There are some pretty good looking black ladies, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, OMFG Halle Berry. He could have waited a little bit, and married "better"
    Btw, Kerry's wife, is ugly as shit.

    JFK was the man, not only was his wife gorgeous, he nailed Monroe and prob 50 % of his cabinet members wives. RIP JFK.
  7. The woman who plays Laura Bush in "W" looks WAY better than real Laura ever did. Honestly who cares about what wives of presidents look like? YOU don't have to wake up next to them.
  8. Exactly, it doesn't matter all. What matters is who'll pull this country from the massive amount of shit it's being buried under. Obama.
  9. Still…. On the day of election, when thousands of pictures and videos are taken of Obama and Michelle together on stage for this huge historical event, I hope someone will be able to use CGI effects on her face in order to make it palatable for the history archives. I mean even the elephant man would ask to put a bag over her head!!
  10. She's good at wearing sleeveless dresses to drive the focus off her face.
    Seriously, if this country were a bit more tolerant, president should be able to "nominate" wives by executive order.
    The Leader of the free world should be able to get laid with whoever he wants.
    Think about it, Clinton had a Republican congress making his life hard, and this fifty sthg feminazi at home prob nagging non stop and making his life miserable......then come this 19 year old fresh tasty meat lifting her skirt and teasing him with her barely covered ass in the presidential library. What do you want a reasonable man to do ? I'd have nailed her too
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