All platforms suck this week- or just Sterling ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Madhatter, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. This is an absolute joke. Its been horrible for two weeks, but this morning was absolutely untradeable.

    Crossed, stuck, slow ECNs on every level. Slow NYSE quote. Haven't a clue WTF is going on.

    Standard lame excuses Sterling has been giving the last 8 years.

    This is the worst platform I have ever traded on and its only getting worse.

    This morning I have turned off BAB, ARB, NSDQ, TRIM, MADF and UBSS and still have slowness.

    Obviously its time to stop bitching and just make a change. But I hear its "street wide" and "our quote provider" and "self help" - how has Anvil or Lightspeed been working lately? Hell, how has Hydra been?
  2. No problems on Sterling today, running fine. What windows are you running? I had some lagging issues when I was running vista but switched to xp pro. I am also running a solid T-3 connection.
  3. I'm interested to hear the answer to this too. I can't trade either today. I have almost everything turned off as well and have been trading like that for days.
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    I trade on anvil and my platform keeps on freezing basically cant trade either is anyone else having this problem with it??
  5. Scalper, you might be with a firm that has their own quote server.

    I wouldn't complain if I hadn't spoken to multiple traders with the same issue.

    I have a solid connection and 4 gigs of RAM.
    Slowest trace route is 28 ms.

    Its better now, 45 mins into the day. Great action I was just watching early.
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    Madhatter you were just watching bc ur platform was messed up or bc you didnt know what to do??
  7. ummm- b/c there was garbage price action all over the place. I am not scalping with crossed ECN's a point wide.
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    my sterling platform has been fine to trade from, but my api keeps getting disconnected. its been doing that the last couple of weeks during high volume. right now im only getting 300 quotes per second instead of the usual 10000. sterling, upgrade your damn servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have to pay money for this shit every month for 2 accounts
  9. when ECN bid/ask lags, is this done on purpose? i really feel like someone deliberately freezes one side when the stock pops or tanks. anvil lagged a bit...but tradable. did anyone catch that 50pt move on SKF?
  10. Dude, I remember asking them to do this back in 2002.

    Its absolutely no use. I feel for everyone. But I hardly even complain anymore. It is what it is, and they are just going to continue to do things on the cheap. Large groups come over and they just add them without doing any upgrades. Its quite obvious even to me, and I don't have a freakn clue what I am talking about on tech.

    I know lion pride added like 25 traders last week. Sure other firms added too. Coincidence?
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