All out war If/when it happens

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  1. Who do you think would win a all out war. The muslims or Christians?
  2. The Devil
  3. I agree with you. :) Nobody wins a war.
  4. Shit, wars are easy to win. It's managing the peace that's a bitch.
  5. bond traders win every time in a situation like that
  6. cleverest guy here :cool:
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    I personally hope that mankind someday grows up enough to stop waring on each other!

    The only group that wins in a war is the BANKERS .

    The soldiers, civilians and the countries do not win, they die or are forever scarred by war. The remnants (bombs) that failed to explode are currently still in the ground from previous wars as far back as WWII and are killing and maiming today. The bad news is we are still planting these destructive things for future generations...Isn't it time we stop this nonsense?

    I've often wondered how much radiation from the A Bomb drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki is still there creating health and other problems today for Japan and it's residents.

    Our internment of Japanese Americans in WWII was wrong and still haunts those that were held illegally captive by our government, and the scars may fade but they will never go away.
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