@#&( all other taxes. US needs national consumption tax

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  1. A tax only on goods, services omitted as well as food, diapers & whatever else the poor buy. The Income Tax is an evil created by Satan himself.
  2. I would be ok with that if only because it's bloody difficult to carve out exemptions for "high spenders".

    I would also prefer to see income taxes replaced with import duties.
  3. Hey now that's not a bad idea import duties. In order to have only a sales tax the internet loophole would have to be eliminated. Initially it would most likely cause a recession as consumers would have sticker shock.
  4. Eliminate all loop holes: tax exemptions, for resale... make it national and bar any other form of tax at the state level. eliminate all income tax filings for corp and citizens. Charge 2% on all monetary exchange period. 1% to fed and 1% to state/municipality .
  5. National consumption tax please. Let the states do what they want, so businesses will continues to vote with their feet by moving to Texas & Florida.
  6. What is evil is taxing the poor to death. I think Obama is making progress in the right direction.
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    They how are state, county, cities, and municipalities suppose to operate?
  8. Let cities & state do whatever they fucking want. If they fuck up and become Detroit, the people are to blame. If they have low taxes like Dallas, their economy will thrive! But no income tax on the national level. Only 1 high tax on consumption with exemptions on services (to promote jobs) and whatever the fuck it is the poor buy with their puny money.
  9. Inflation is a tax on the poor..so in that regard, he isn't doing them any favors whatsoever.
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    National sales tax will not work. Next thing, people will be complaining about paying such an "excessive" tax on their $1.5M yachts... million dollar homes, high-priced goods, etc, etc...
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