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  1. I just passed their two online assessments which are similar to that of Optiver's- 80 arithmetic questions in 8 minutes and then 26 series questions in 30 minutes.

    It looks like I am going to be flying to Amsterdam for an interview, anyone have any insight on this firm?
  2. Hi,
    how are you doing?

    The one thing is certain -> wear casual clothes.. they will accept you as one of them.
    Im thinking of doing it as well, just few quick questions if you dont mind..
    - Is this online test is only one-chance-try? or you can do the test several times if you fail first 1?
    - where did you learn mental math thing? Or you worked out with calc.? :)
    I can share some sources if you need them, because probably you will do the test again on paper..

    good luck
  3. well, they have a very basic 20 question in 2 minutes online assessment- it's pure arithmetic and i think you can take this as many times as you'd like. after that, i contacted the recruiter and he sent me a link to take their two real exams, which was a one time deal. i got my results immediately after finishing the second exam.

    mental math has always been my thing...i never really developed any tricks for it.
  4. I guess you are in then, cause they are pretty much focused on numeric skills rather than on competences.

    P.s. what are those two other(real tests) like, I heard they are something like first one - 45x67 4.564367+56.53332 etc. and the second one with huge numbers. is it like that?

    how quickly can you do 37x56 anyway? :)
  5. the first one was the same as optiver's- and the questions weren't nearly as longwinded. 37 * 56 is hard to calculate mentally because you need to do several different calculations and retain them at once. questions you'd be more liable to see are:

    ? * 0.12 = 7.2

    0.006 + .054 = ?

    and they are all multiple choice.

    the 2nd test entails guessing the next number in a sequence...some of the patterns are straightforward, others are extremely complex and may take a very long time to figure out. again, multiple choice.
  6. interesting how things will go for you.
    would you write any feedback afterwards?.. did they contact you after you passed their exams and said that they would like to meet you? when is your flight?