All of you Political OCD opinionatics

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NeoRio1, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. either need a girlfriend, some successful trading or just need to get some fresh air because this forum has turned to shit.
  2. I'm up a measly 669.18 today. pathetic
  3. Well then get a girlfriend. You know your the worst on this forum.
  4. I'm married
  5. Get some fresh air than instead of wasting your time making this forum a piece of shit.
  6. The forum isn't a stress relief medication. Sense you use it as such you make the quality far lower.
  7. Don't kid yourself. Most of them have never traded in their life. Certainly not the Obama interns. I'd wager the vast majority of the pro-Obama posts are coming from non-traders. No real trader would support a socialist.
  8. Oktiri/ ByLosellHi,

    You have over 1000 posts in the month of October. You are the poster child for OCD. How do you do it? Do you take bathroom breaks, or do you wear depends? :p
  9. I'm fast, asshat
  10. that's true, I never traded in my life. I'm an intern for the Obama campaign
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