All of you LACK information totally, yet most of you believe you know something.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kino, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. kino


    Never in history of Planet earth did we face such interesting times.
    Consider the following.

    China keeps financing US wars and questionable foreign policy, Why ??. Are they really that dependent on US or perhaps they were threatened.

    Beijing had night in the middle of the day, people though it was Armageddon.
    Maybe United States used very advanced military technology like HAARP and other things to remind Chinese that they better do as they are told.

    Behind closed doors, one country CAN AND DOES threaten another and this stuff you don't see on BBC or CNN
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    Man, the weekend really brings out the nut cases on ET.
  3. Is knowing you don't know a form of knowing?
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    Did you learn this last night on Coast to Coast AM? :D
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    I dont know :D :D
  6. ckid/jasonn/cold has been here the whole time, just under 5000 different names.
  7. Illum


    Rome did not fail when its military was at its strongest.
  8. No, it failed when inbred lead-tonic eating halfwits controlled the show for to long, followed by some weird cult thing taking over and moving the governmental base to modern day turkey.

    What is your point? Plenty of powers have been demolished , even with the strongest military might on the respective continent.