All of you big government idiots should watch this.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Daxtrader, Feb 28, 2012.

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  2. Hey dax, you do know the lemonade story was about city laws, which are small government and local control, not big government. Didn't watch past that so if the rest may have been about big government.
  3. That may or may not be the case, but it is much easier to change local policies. And you should watch the whole thing. Our tax dollars doing some good work...not.
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    Government, like any other human agency, seeks to perpetuate it's own existence. Since it's chief duty is the administration of law, Government seeks to pass the maximum amount of law, to justify itself. Notice how Congress never repeals law? But simply piles more law and regulation on top of more laws and regulation? It's mostly the lazy, inept and control freaks that gravitate towards bureaucracy, and in the end, we have a bunch of zealots ruling over us. Not unlike the Taliban. Except these aren't religious extremists. They're legal extremists. Authoritarians. Most of these police chiefs, city councilors and homeland security types fit the mold to a T. They couldn't give a shit what is moral or right or just, they only care whether you broke one of their 50 million laws in the registry, and then they throw the book at you. It's about the raw exercise of power. Domination. Very similar to how warmongers get off on bombing Iraqis or stomping around Afghanistan for 20 years. These authoritarians get off on bankrupting your ass and sending you to prison for a Code (C) Chapter 12 Paragraph D violation. And then you're really fucked like that guy who imported lobsters and got six years in the clink.

    Here's a personal story. My dad inherited a factory that sat on 5 million dollars worth of land, adjacent to a creek. In late '00, city council "declared" half the land (2.5 million dollars) as flood-land, and literally took the property. Seized it. No compensation. No money. Nothing. My dad consulted a few lawyers, they said forget it. There is nothing you can do. The city will bankrupt you in court and you'll never get the land back. Bear in mind, this is Canada. But that's how fucked up and out of control these little parasites are. That land was in our family since 1912. And they just took it. So who's the real criminal here?
  5. That is powerful powerful post, powerful and true
  6. how about Monsanto toxic products, mercury in vaccines pushed by Bill Gates and pharma corps, huge crimes of Vatican?

    any "authority" is a hyper dangerous entity with insane, psychotic people.

    who are the most friendly, peaceful folks?
    the ones smoking pot.

    thats precisely why it is illegal.
  7. how can you make a natural plant illegal?
    and sleeping pills, fluoride, mercury, arsenic, etc legal?

    people living in the North are simply crazy.... insane, with pathologic minds.
    and calcified pineal glands, due to: lack of sunshine, too much fluoride.

    Kings and Popes of the past always wanted to be as pale as possible.
    Think England, Scandinavia, Belgium, Vatican...
  8. A couple thoughts come to mind after watching this video.

    1) maybe the x box generation has "seen the light, and gave up the fight" stay home, play video games, drink bottled water and stay in your designated area.

    2) the foreigners who fill our universities, take our education and diplomas and go back home where knowledge can actually be put to use.

    3) I know this is way out there...but maybe the financial crisis has its merits. Break the system...It's F'd up.
  9. Odumbo's trying... but not to "reset and fix" the system, but rather to install a new Socialist/Police State system.

  10. most laws are in place to solve past abuses.
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