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  1. Is she at all relevant?
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    Congress isn't relevant anymore really. What do they do? Tax manipulation.. and they get part of the rake... and nobody prosecutes them... wtf? I'm sort of bracing for the collapse of the US government.. it hit me recently, who gives a rats ass? Ghetto monsters won't have welfare to support their criminal activities for a while.... whatever...
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  4. She is a laughable joke, a misfit, an empty head, dumb bimbo who does not belong anywhere near washington dc.

    The fact that she has not been laughed out from the national stage says a lot about US politics. Some in the republican party don't believe intelligence is all that important.
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    Interesting and relevant question. To the idiotic Left, she definitely is. Which makes me to like her a lot.
    If she weren't they would have stopped yapping about her long time ago.
  6. I don't know. She believes dinosaurs roamed the earth 4,500 years ago, she doesn't understand that Africa is a continent and not a country, she believes 12-year old victims of gang rape should be forced to carry pregnancies that result from such rapes to term, and there's Youtube footage of her in a swimsuit doing a beauty contest turn (and looking kind of pudgy, I might add).

    Of course, all that would just make her an oddity.

    What makes her relevant is that the Republicans ran her as the Vice Presidential candidate and there are a lot of them who think she should be the one to run for POTUS in 2012!!!

    I'd say that makes her pretty relevant, if only as an indicator of how fucked up the Republicans are right now. I still believe, however, that the GOP brain trust will step in before she's allowed to run for the nomination in 2012.

  7. If US government collapses, then so will welfare. Not a nice thought with all the riots.

    Congress does appear to be on the path to oblivion.
  8. She is a laughable joke, a misfit, an empty head, dumb bimbo who does not belong anywhere near washington dc.

    I only grabbed this line because it the most common response re Palin.

    What his country needs are more real women like Pelosi and Hillary and Waters and Boxer. (sarcasm).
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    That's the interesting thing. I don't see anything worth getting excited about, but the left sure is apeshit. If she really were an emptyheaded clueless bimbo, then why point it out now? Let her run.

    I mean, if Biden or Maxine Waters were running for POTUS, you wouldn't see any hand wringing on the right - we'd be doing the Evil Menacing Laugh (tm).

    Still, I don't see what the threat is. Then again, I haven't paid much attention to her. My favorites never get far, being in favor of such out-dated, old fashioned principles like personal responsibility and limited government.
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    I ran across a website about a year ago.
    It asked a series of questions and compared the answers with all of the presidential candidates platforms.
    The most I agreed with any of their platforms was 50%. And it turned out that guy had already dropped out of the race.

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