All of Europe to protest austerity measures

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Stok, Sep 28, 2010.

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  2. Too much has been given/promised to too many... MUST cut back... not sustainable.

    However, those receiving the benefits won't accept a reasonable need nor explanation for cut backs... all they know is, "I WANT MY MONEY".

    When Socialism reaches a critical mass, it can't be turned back. Have we reached that point in the US already? I believe so, unfortunately. :(
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    I hope not...but Europe is way ahead of the game than us and it will get much worse and nasty over there and will be a massive eye opener to the US, and even socialist liberals here when they see the destruction of Countries unfold before their own eyes.

    Germany better keep dropping the hammer on all these out of control, socialists, leeching Countries.

    You know that the IMF told Greece to privatize their health care because it was out of control and run into the ground by guberment?

    Also, Britain is doing the same thing....trying to privatize parts of health care and other mis-managed guberment run programs.
  4. Exactly. Those slackers in Europe were covered by the real estate bubble. Now those people are "exposed".
    Now comes the unrest, rioting, looting, etc. It's gonna get really ugly over there.
    Could this happen to the USA ? YOU BET.