all novices:before you start trading read this

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    trading is not child's is not even adult's play.

    It is like going against the the army OF USA alone with a AK 47 and a grenade.

    no one will tell you this.

    they will say pay me X usd and use money management and you will make a living.

    do not assume you will be able to do this. it is very dangerous assumption.

    I have heard so many people say i will become scratch golfer in one year....they do not ever succeed.

    Trading looks even easier than golf.

    you may make money......but you will never know when you will get killed UNLESS you understand certain things which no one will tell you...

    even if they tell you, you will not believe it,

    you will not trust it,

    you will say that is rubbish

    it cannot be so

    proceed do proceed

    i am not saying you cannot do this easy stuff

    i am not stopping you from making millions.

    proceed but with extreme caution
  2. gaussian


    Sickest plot twist on elitetrader. First you tell them everyone is out to get you, and then you tell them they can "do this easy stuff" and they can "make millions".

    Thanks for making my Wednesday a little funny, LOL.
  3. maxinger


    people don't like to be advised unless they ask for it.
  4. padutrader


    please do not twist everything out of context.

    it is very clear what i am saying.

    i am not telling them they can do it or that they cannot.

    only be careful
  5. padutrader



    and if they ask for advice they will not like that unless the advice is what they want to hear.

    and only in a forum can you advice people who do not want to be adviced.

    they can however put you on ignore.

    i do not know why i bother

    i must have itchy fingers

    which is why i lose in markets i lose here in the forum....

    but people love a loser it makes them a winner
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  6. Pigsky


    Reminds me of back in the day when Surf would tirelessly warn people away from daytrading promoters like nodoji and dbphoenix..…. Despite his efforts I can't recall a single person ever listening to him and heeding the warnings. You can't save people from themselves!!
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  7. padutrader


    everything you do has risk, if you are reckless...or ignorant or have false beliefs

    drive too fast you could kill yourselves or/and others

    but nothing ventured nothing risk no benefit....

    if you want to be safe,learn to understand and manage the situation
  8. vin2018


    Good advice. Whatever you have said is very true. Trading is definitely not an easy job. It requires all round skills to excel with the same. And above all, you need patience and cool head to let things happen.
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  9. padutrader,

    Here is the problem with trading, and it all relates around Quality Verified Consistent Profitable Trading Education:

    NOONE , or it is very rare for whoever is teaching , advising, posting on this forum, giving recommendations have provided any proof of trading records to show they are profitable.


    If you a new trader search google for how to trade Google will return 2 Billion websites with information. What human being has the time to review 2 Billion website to learn how to trade.

    In my personal opinion, anyone who is NOT profitable trading SHOULD NOT be offering advice or recommendation how to trade on the internet or in person.

    AND THIS is the problem.

    I am an UNPROFITABLE trader. I have no business offering anyone advice on this forum how to trade, besides your butt better try what ever you think works with paper money first. I should only be asking for advice and verifying the advice with PAPER MONEY to determine if the advice have a consistent way of trader.

    New traders take advice from people, deposit money in trading account, and start trading instantly. Then they lose.

    There is even advice on the forum telling new traders to avoid paper trading, and go straight cash trading. lol
  10. Trading successfully is doable.

    It's not as "easy" as anyone might say. Trading "correctly" is conceptually simple. Difficult to execute well. Takes quite a while to cope with the challenges and "get your ducks in a row".
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