All License Plates to be Photographed in Arizona

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  1. All License Plates to be Photographed in Arizona (Police State Tech Update)

    Michael Ferraresi
    The Arizona Republic
    November 23, 2008

    Officer David Callister parks his patrol car under a shady interstate overpass, angling his cameras to target a flurry of passing traffic. Then he waits.

    Infrared units mounted to the front of Callister’s vehicle scan the license plates of a Casa Grande firefighter, an Ohio State football fan and everyone else who drives past as he hunts for stolen vehicles.

    Every plate is photographed, time-stamped, labeled on a GPS map and automatically logged into an Arizona Department of Public Safety database. An electronic voice alerts Callister to stolen vehicles within seconds after they pass, giving him the ability to make quick arrests.

    Callister is among the growing number of Arizona officers who use cameras to scan thousands of plates on a daily basis, sweeping parking lots and highways to recover stolen vehicles faster than ever before.

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  2. I am not sure I want an efficient gov't.
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    This has been going on in Ca for at least a yr and in other parts of the country. The highway patrol drives thru private property, apts, condos and looks for out of state plates with this camera system. . If the cars are present more than 3 wks they ticket them and the owners have to explain why they are there or register the cars in Ca. It's about the money. I know because I was ticketed at my bros. house and had to go to court to explain why I shouldn't have to register in CA. Also there's a CA law coming that makes the yearly reg. fees 2% of the cars value. It was under 1%.
  4. The car thieves who get away with it aren't going to drive on the interstate or for very long distances to get to a chop shop.

    I'm sure once in a while they catch some crackhead driving a stolen car who was too dumb to ditch it before it was reported stolen. Is giving up your freedom really worth it?

    What's next?

    I'm surprised they don't do something like that here in Vegas where car theft is the worst in the nation.
  5. move to WYOMING dickwads!!
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    This stuff is all dual-use.

    Soon, we'll have plate-readers on every road and get ticketed if point A to B was transversed quicker than the posted limit. All automated.

    Rest assured, DARPA will collect and catalog our movements with ever-increasing vigilance to apprehend and catch "Terrorists and Criminals".

    Its all for YOUR SAFETY.
  7. Where I live they are putting in these Speed Limit cameras that take pictures if you speed through an intersection or if you go through a red light. Damn things are taking pictures all over the place. Bad thing is, I have always gunned it whenever I see a yellow light. Now I either have to beat the red light or get rear-ended by the nut case behind me. This Big Brother shit is getting out of control.
  8. I read a small blurb mentioning the fact that cameras at interesections has resulted in more accidents at these intersections.
  9. Smile, you're on Orwell camera!
  10. Maybe Arizona would have been better off telling John McCain how many homes he owned...
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