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  1. I have been trying to do some research on what is the best deal, from an initial point (not a volume break) on trading the ES round trip. Maybe someone with more experience then I regarding the futures market can PM or post some suggested information. My intentions are not to promote one broker over another, but to establish more of a "Fair Value" if you will.

    Intra Day margins. 1000-300 with the average being $500.00 per-contract. that seems pretty standard from what i have been able to find.

    Platform - Some offer it Free (altho higher round trip), Some $50.00 a month some as high as $650.00 a month.

    After about 3 weeks of googling the best i could find is this ..

    $3.80 round turn. 500.00 intra day margin. 50.00 per-month platform. (this is not a member price) If someone can beat this or knows of someone offering better please pm. thank you in advance.

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    Is this from Velocity? I'd be interested in what you find out.
  3. P.M. Sent.
  4. huh? Who charges 3.80 roundtrip PLUS a monthly fee. That is ridiculous. You have spent 3 weeks on this?!!

    Well certainly not the cheapest, but the most popular broker with ET members (Interactive Brokers) has a far lower price.

    Honestly, I have never even heard of brokers charging 3.8 RT anymore. Thats like mafia prices nowadays. Not to mention a monthly fee. WOW!!!
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    CME/E-mini Forex Futures USD 2.11/Contract USD 2.11 1 Contract Roundtrip = USD 4.22

    Taken from your link... last time i checked $3.80 was less then $4.22 (not the options)

    But thanks for your imput , but i dont believe we are talking about the same thing.. i am not refering to "OPTIONS" maybe i am missing something..
  6. I have $3.42 per round trip ( included everything ). The trading platform is free. It is quite fast, as fast as IB or even better.
    It is simple and it suits my need.

    One condition though : You have to trade an average 18 round turn per trading day.

  7. Well according to your original post which is quoted above, you want to trade the ES. "Last time I checked" thats not the same thing as Forex Futures.

    So Interactive Brokers rate is 3.22 RT if you choose the unbundled rate. 3.30 RT if you choose the bundled option. No monthly fees. No minimum number of trades.

    Are you trying to spam newbies with some stupid rate with a firm you are associated with?

    This goes into the HALL OF SHAME.

    Merry Christmas :p :p :p
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    ------ ? -------
    Intraday margin is greater than $500, however, last time I checked.
  9. CME/E-mini ES, NQ & ER2 *******O P T I O N S O N L Y *******USD 1.65/Contract
    (through 12/31/05) USD 1.65 1 Contract Roundtrip = USD 3.30


    I am a little slow bare with me .. in your infinate wisdom please explain that big bold RED FONT OF "OPTIONS ONLY". What does that mean.

    Exch Symb Curr Unbundled (By volume) Bundled
    <=300 <=1K <=10K <=20K >20K

    GLOBEX ES USD 2.36 2.16 1.81 1.61 1.41 2.40

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Ouch. You got me. My apologies.
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