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  1. I'm hoping someone out there can recommend a good all in one inkjet printer that has the following capabilities:

    1. Wireless capabilities (desired but not a deal breaker)
    2. Quality printing
    3. Does not go through ink cartridges like they were free

    I had an Epson CX3200 which I loved until it stopped printing. I then replaced it with a CX8400 and the thing eats ink and the printing sucks. I'm cleaning the print heads twice a week and watching it bleed me dry with ink (remember each head cleaning uses up ink).

    Can anyone recommend something nice for a reasonable budget? Say under $150?


  2. my hp is a nightmare!
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  4. I still use my HP 940C from 6 years ago. It has big ink cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are $5 for black and $12 or so for color at Amazon. I recently bought another 940C on EBay for $1 plus $20 for delivery. (A little caution though as if the printer bought on EBay doesn't work, the freight charge to return the printer makes returning impractical.)

    The printer is not wireless and can't scan but is great for basic printing of charts, etc.
  5. they are all shit scams. draw and type everything by hand. i have several hpq products they are all shit and the toner is a con job of all con jobs. or spread your risk by buying an hpq product and going long hpq who sells toner for $100 that costs them 3 cents to manufacture to install in your shit machine that doesnt work.

    the office space scene where they drive the copier into the desert and beat it to death was a statement of all statements. .
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    I'm happy with my Canon MF4150. The print engine is LASER (not inkjet) so it's B&W output, which I actually prefer. It still scans in color, of course. B&W prints faster, supplies are cheaper, what's not to like. I bought the Canon to replace a Samsung laser all-in-one(SCX-4521), whose scanner was very poor. I bought the Canon from Amazon, which was tied for the lowest price at the time and had faster free shipping.
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    Run to your nearest Sam's, they may still have the Samsung Color Laser printer CLP-310. My buddy just got the last one at our local Sam's last night for $66!!! This is a great printer (16 ppm Blk, 4ppm color, up to 2400 dpi.) Laser printing far cheaper than ink jet and much faster. Sadly this model doesn't scan, but it is compact and nice looking. I have a samsung ML-1630 which is also a great laser printer (pd $100) but only Black. It is the best looking printer ever made by far!! Will end up in the NY MMA design collection some day. I had HP ink Jets for years, but were troublesome and expensive ink -- The Samsung's run circles around them.
  8. We inherited a canon pixma from my father-in-law which apparently doesn't eat ink so I'm considering going with one of the canon all in ones. Anyone have experience with those?
  9. have a canon mp530 for 18 months give or take and so far no complaints. does'nt guzzle ink dollars like the epson that it replaced but way worse than the gold standard hp 560c i started with.
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