All in on a put trade

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  1. Almost..

    I am so sure about this trade. Crazy

    Will explain to you.

    Bought some puts that expire in about a week if i remember.

    Expect maybe 10-20 times the money on this one.
  2. Started another journal but was to lazy. Had a small win on that one i think. Ok i continue with this one instead.

    If that is ok with mods?
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    excellent. i give you permission to continue. dont worry about the mods.

    so, how can one create large bet using puts ?
  4. Not sure what you ment.
    You just buy puts if you have a trading account. :)
  5. whats a trading account?
  6. Ok..I´m from Sweden so perhaps i´m not using the correct language. ha ha :)
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    if i expect market to make large move down within 1 month, say 10 daily ATR's. What is the best combination of maturities and exercise prices ?
  8. I need to educate myself on that. I just buy puts and calls. Few weeks away from exp or so.
  9. Do you guys know of any firms that are looking for analysts?

    Have researched for many years and just found this way of analysing.
    Trading is a bit more complicated since the market i guess can´t always be exact..well
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    makes sense.
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