All In Deals - Are they worth it if you trade listed?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by john_nyc_trader, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. mnx


    I've heard of rates as low as $.0005/share (not $.005) plus ecn fees...
    That particular deal had a profit split, but I'd rather split profits than pay huge commissions any day...

    Definitely not worth it. IMHO

    Much better deals out there.

  2. Please tell me where this kind of deal exists? Thats crazy!
  3. magicz


    lol .005 is IB rates and you get 100% at IB not UP to 100%
  4. Yes, I know IB is $0.005 as well but they only give you 4:1 intraday and their platform sucks for scalping. I am going to e-mail them and see whats up: will keep you guys posted.



    john, make sure they are also including sec fees.
  6. mnx


    SEC fees would be the big difference... they are by far the biggest fee for me day in day out... if that's included then well .005 may be good...

  7. newguy1


    these deals that are for .005 including ECN fees...Do they have a min volume requirement?

    I currently pay .015 per 3 cents to get even on any trade...includes the ECN fees, but not the SEC.

    The rationale I've been given is its a flat rate, and theres no min ticket charge. We go through genesis. I do practically no volume...maybe 1,000 shares.

    I was thinking of suggesting to my boss that we try and get a different deal. After all, its his money, not mine. I was thinking for a while, "maybe he's making something on the commish"...but with 1000 shares per day, thats not much money even though the commish is high.

    What do you guys think is going on here? (more specifically, why is my commish so high? Who is benefiting from this?)
  8. newguy1,

    Your volume is, and please do not get offended, is so miniscule, you are not even close to being even under $0.0075, forget about $0.015. Once you pick up some volume, your rates will go much, much lower, wherever you are.

  9. newguy1


    hehe. No offense taken!

    This is what I was thinking in the first place when people told me my rate was bad. And, is. But I just explained it wasn't an issue with such low volume.

    Its good to see someone else agrees.

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