All I want to say about Becks gathering.

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  1. I hope theres someone there with a snare drum so all the necessary rim shots can be filled in.
  2. You mean the one on the mall. They should charge a fee to watch it on the tube. I wouldn't miss it.
  3. You mean the one that all the black racist militant groups threatened to assault whites at?

  4. Only ones that probably deserve it.
  5. cstfx


    Blacks are not racists. They can't be. Didn't you get the memo?
  6. DOH, that's right... I keep forgetting.

  7. LOL!! Man, I gotta give it to ya.. You are 100% marxist. If you disagree with the party line you "probably deserve" to be assaulted... Just like the red revolution eh omarxistpoint???

  8. LOL!! Are you comparing a white supremacist group of child murderes to the tea party movement?? ROFLMAO!! Wow you guys are shitting your panties over the tea party so hard that you have to make desperate smear attempts like this?? Funny but pathetic.

    You say this as if these people have something to do with the rally, but they don't. You guys are shitting yourself silly over the tea party, and it's hillarious. I don't blame you though, they are well into the process of ripping you apart...

  9. dcvtss


    "The state's theory is that Forde wanted or needed money for her border protection group and she decided to steal drugs, guns and money from Flores, a suspected drug dealer, and she enlisted Bush and Gaxiola to help out."

    Or maybe it was scumbags robbing other scumbags...take your agenda and piss off.
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