All I see is a sea of green

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  1. Big up day for the Republicans, I hope they lose, and the Dems take over and oil goes back to $80.00. Thats what I think.
  2. I think this market rallies no matter what happens. It's either futures up 20 or futures up 40.
  3. Dems win will push oil back to 20s or 10s

    If AL Gore won in 2000 the biggest problem in the world would be presidents sexual life

    And Dems win will put plug on those spending sprees and useless wars. Dollar will go up again, oil will go down and China will have to shut up
  4. I dont think oil will go down.
  5. long term.....oil will continue to go up, jmho.
  6. Oil is a finite commodity so it cannot possibly go down...unless somebody invents an easy alternative in which the ass will drop out of the messy stuff.
  7. Yes, Muslims would suddenly be very tolerant and loving people. The world would have lived in harmony.
  8. YOu don't really believe that line of crap do you?
  9. BSAM


    Man, I'm gald I don't smoke crack.
  10. i think a big partof this rally is the saddam verdict

    i bot YM @ the futures open on Sun evening for that very reason
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