All I Do is Lose Money

Discussion in 'Trading' started by oldtime, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. That's all I do. Just lose money. If they paid somebody to fade me he'd be doing quite well.

    If I buy it goes down

    If I sell it goes up

    I've become like the perfect contrarian indicator

    There was a guy who pitched for the Cincinnati Reds who threw 102 curveballs in a row. And he had a very good fastball.

    They asked why he never threw his good fast ball and he said, "I think they may be sitting on it."
  2. Bad week?

    What happened to that sunshine, rainbows, and puppy dogs thread from before about how well you're doing?
  3. hey man, this trading is hard, 95% lose you know. I'm just lucky I am still alive, due to superior money management (averaging down). But if I don't start guessing right pretty soon, I'm just going to be another statistic.

    otherwise, I have a whole shitload of puppy dogs I can make you a good deal on.
  4. Hey man, just a thought. You've got 10 posts/day for the last 500 days.

    Let's say each post takes 30 seconds to write. That's 5 minutes per day for 500 days, which is 2500 minutes or over 40 hours.

    That time might have been better spent (or, more importantly, might be better spent over the next 500 days) working on your strategy.

    If you get some kind of benefit from posting, maybe the 5 minutes/day can come from somewhere else, but if I were in your shoes, I'd work harder until I didn't find myself starting threads like this one.
  5. just biding my time. I'm pretty confident in what I am doing. I don't mind encouraging others that are going through a hard time. I like to do things, but sometimes the best thing to do is just post on ET. I've never actually lost money posting on this site.
  6. Bob111


    i see some contradiction here..looks like market is trying to tell that you are wrong...but you not listening..
  7. i disagree i think he should find more sites and post. it might cut down on his trading time and like he said he does not lose money posting.

    if you have money why trade? its like going to a doctor and saying every time i do this it hurts so he will just tell you don't do that anymore same idea. the s&p can easily crap itself down 200 points maybe 600 points next year. these big up and down swings can be negative signs.

  8. How much do you average down before you take a loss?
  9. what's that? Eh? I'm getting old, and kind of hard of hearing.

    Can you shout a little louder?

    That market aint no different than my lying wife was.

    It will look you right in the eye and swear it is going up, and then behind your back go down.

    That's why a lot of us became spreaders

    Like the man said, "Trust, but verify."
  10. you can't ask that question because a lot of these guys been buying the dips for years in a market with no good news. you only learn that lesson the hard way. my lesson was the internet bubble if it was once 800 its a steal at 80.

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