All four European finalists come from Premier League...

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  2. Go Chelsea!
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    Time for Brexit from the Champion's League, other countries want to get a chance as well!
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  5. Let's be honest, Barcelona choked hard and Ajax also failed to hold on for 30 more seconds. No other reason really. Spain and Germany dominated CL past 5 to 6 years. So 1 year with Spurs getting into the final does not change much.
  6. Look at the last 10-13 years of Champion's League. Outside of Chelsea one year (yeah baby) and ManU, it is Spain, Germany, and Italy. The article is sounding the panic horn but it is bullshit really.

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    Actually with Manchester and Chelsea in the period you show England is co-2nd behind a very impressive Spain. I hope this year is only a hiccup for Spanish teams, not much of soccer fan but moving to Madrid near the Real Madrid Stadium, I wouldn't mind watching a few games.
    Talking about choking, Paris has done great again this year :(
  8. Well I was referring to the article that claim this year shows European powers lagging behind. If anything English teams are finally asserting themselves more in the two main cups after long absences or runner up finishes.

    But England has a far better competitive league when you look at a top 6 teams competing for the title year in and year out. In Spain it is a 2 man race, Italy and France now a 1 team race, and Germany 1-2. This is where the strength of The Premiere League stands out but for some reason has not carried over to UEFA/Europa dominance the past 15 years.

    This is definitely a first in many years if not the first overall that Premiere league teams win both CL and Europa.
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