All Eyes on VIX

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  1. If we take out 40 today we go to 9000 in the Dow. If we don't we go through the lows to about 5500.

    It's just that simple folks.
  2. So we either go up or down.

    You should go work at CNBC.
  3. If you traded you would understand what I said.
  4. if only it was that simple.
  5. lol... 10 years and 6700 posts and you still haven't figured it out?
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    It's not easy to figure out that 40 is a magic number.
  7. well,i do know its not that simple and someone who thinks it is, well what can i say without hurting your feelings.
  8. Watch the spx. what was support? (now was resistance)
    820ish previous resistance was 870. 3 times it broke down at 870 FEb ( 6,9,10) and went lower. Bottomed at 666. Hows that for some satanic numerology?
    If spx can break through 870 next week then its on towards 916/917.
  9. The only tell that this rally is fake is that the VIX hasn't broken below long term support at 40. Everything else on the planet says the rally is real.

    VIX remains high means a LOT of hedging aka no real confidence. If this rally falls apart the downside momentum will take us straight through the lows.

    Thanks for being the first one to make an intelligent post.

    I now remember why only check this board on Friday afternoons when I'm trying to have some fun and have a legit observation to make.

    I'm sure Ivanafag will put this in chit chat not understanding the significance.
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    I see what you mean but, why today??
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