All Events Are Neutral

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  1. Beloved friends, here is how to mix politics and religion...

    What you see occurring in the world around you are always neutral. What you see occurring in the world around you remains neutral until you make the decision what it will be - for you.

    Even if the forests of your planet were completely taken away, that would be a neutral event. Why? Because if all of the trees were gone, if the very physical planet you call Earth died, dissolved from view, Life would continue. Life would merely create new worlds. It does it all the time. You do it all the time.

    The energy that makes up a tree is eternal forever. It may change form, but Life remains. Therefore, lament not the passing away of a species, but trust the Grand Intelligence that gave rise to it in the first place. For it is still busy creating even greater universes. This is why loss does not exist.

    All event remain neutral, and all that the environmentalist and the logger are doing is using the power of consciousness to momentarily create the belief that they are this and not that. They place a value of their own choosing upon an event of energy that they call a tree. And by what value they place upon it, they call the quality of experience they will have into their field of awareness. That is all that is happening.

    All events, then, that you experience are always neutral. Where, then, have you drawn the line? Where have you said, "I will allow neutrality to all events in this sphere, but not in that sphere".

    Mastery is a state of fearlessness. When you place a value upon something, and then become adamant that that value exists in the event or the object outside of you, you have secured your place in fear. And fearlessness is as far from you as the east is from the west.

    Look well then, to see where you have placed a value, and insisted that that value be unshakable. Otherwise, you will not be truly free. Where can freedom be experienced, save within a consciousness that has learned how to transcend the contraction of fear? And fear is the result of your attachment to the values you have placed upon the events you experience, which are made up of events, persons, places and things. All of these are actually just events.

    For example, when an environmentalist looks upon a logger, becomes exasperated and judges that logger or visa versa, the body is being used to communicate the value of judgment. That creates fear and contraction.

    The result of many, many minds choosing to value the right to judge is the effect you call your world, in which everything seems to be expressing conflict, struggle, "butting of heads" and the Armageddon of opposite ideas running into each other. And just beneath it all, all events remain completely neutral.

    Your thoughts are not neutral. But the events that are the effects of those thoughts can be either neutral or not neutral, depending on how you use the very primary power of awareness.

    I am seeking to share with you how infinitely free you are.

    There are many in your world that teach this illusory doctrine of what is called karma - that what you send out now you must experience sooner or later, and how you experience it is directly related to the quality of the ripple you send out. That is not true. That would make you a victim.

    Please listen carefully to this -- that at any moment as you go along in your experience, as you experience the reverberation, the coming back of the ripples you have sent out, in that very moment you are not a victim of what you have created. You are free to choose how you will experience the effect of that ripple.

    And if you experience it with unconditional freedom, with unconditional acceptance and Love, forgiveness, neutrality and innocence, you literally defuse the effects of that ripple upon the pool of your consciousness. And then, in that moment, you become instantly free to begin creating, in a new way, the ripples that you will experience in the future. And this is why you are never a victim of anyone's creation, especially your own.

    It is not that life is so complex that you have created all these momentums and now you are stuck with them. In any moment that you get it, you can stop reacting as if you were a victim, and look merely at the ripples that are coming back to you that you have sent out from yourself and say:

    "This has come into my field of experience as an awesome mystery.
    This means that I am an awesomely powerful being!
    Therefore, I will look lovingly upon this ripple.

    Yes, I know it needs to play itself out.
    But as it does so, I'm going to be wise enough to see the transparency of it,
    to see the lack of effect that it really has. It doesn't change who I am.
    It doesn't add anything to my life. It doesn't take anything away from it.
    It merely is an experience called life passing through the field of my awareness."
    If I look lovingly upon it, if I embrace it, I can transmute it, and therefore, already be engaged in the process of creating a whole different kind of vibrational ripple that will create my tomorrows.

    As traders, you know how this works. When you name a trade a "loss", you will feel the contraction of fear...further complicating the creation of cash flow for you. See all trades as neutral, and you will create a new experience for yourself.

    Like begets like. Therefore, why would you ever believe that God - who is but Love and unlimited creativity and power - could ever beget something that is small and little an powerless? It does not happen. God cannot be victimized. Therefore, God's creation remains victimless. You cannot, in reality, be victimized by anyone or anything at any time because your reality is that you are made in the image of God. If you could truly be victimized, it would mean that God creates unlike Herself. Again, that does not happen!

    Understand that the very body that seems to have a heart within it beating Life for you is the effect of decisions and choices you have made. That the very chair that you are sitting on is the result of your attracting a web of relationships that is quite unique into your field of awareness call the physical universe.

    In this moment you are having and experience you have never had before. You are sitting in the chair now! The event is completely neutral. and nothing that you are experiencing is your consciousness exists or is sourced by anything outside yourself.

    Give yourself five minutes to practice choosing how you will experience sitting in a chair. Will you do so with a mind full of worry, or a mind full of peace? A mind thinking of all the things it could be doing, or a mind marveling at how the weight of the body feels pressed against the seat of a chair? A mind that creates tension in the way the breath flows through the body, or a mind that creates ease and comfort?

    For you see, the you that sits down in the chair with whatever is going on in your consciousness -- whatever feelings you are having throughout the body, whatever is going on in your primary relationships, how the food is being digested in the body, all of it, the whole realm of your experience -- is the effect of how you have been a million times when you have sat down to be with yourself in a thousand different chairs.

    Utilize the very process of sitting down in a chair as a symbol of preparing the mind for the dropping of a pebble into it, out of which will reverberate the vibrations or ripples that will come back to you.

    It is much easier to send out ripples and experience them when they come back in a blissful way, a way that brings you peace, you, fun, laughter, play and unlimitedness, instead of having to constantly butt your head against something that you would rather transmute or run away from.