All Doomsday Refco posts and market continues its march higher.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by areyoukidding?, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Another case in point.
  2. OMG!!!! Without even opening this thread, I knew who started it.

    Let me guess, you flipped from max short to max long at 10:18 EST this morning.

    Another worthless thread clogging the forum.
  3. What march higher is there to continue? I thought we were in a pretty obvious downtrend.


    Are you on crack?

    The market continues it march higher? Geez, you must be high!

    FYI this week we have the Dow -76 thru TH, COMPX -43, last week Dow was -276,COMPX -61.

    Maybe you're charts are upside down. If you're gonna start a thread at least post something semi-intelligent .. if that is possible.

    And don't start about hostility again ... if you actually read your own posts you'd have to agree that most make no sense at all.
  5. just pointing out that with the dozen or so OMG posts that Refco will sink every financial firm in the country the market managed to close up 70 points.

    Nothing else to say. Has nothing to do with my trades, positions, etc.
  6. Without going back to check, I would venture to guess that this is only the 2nd positive trading day in the whole month of October.

    Also, that Refco news is 5 days old....or did you not notice that either?


    Where did anyone say that Refco situation would "sink every financial firm in the country"?

    This is why your posts are so worthless; these's nothing of any substance behind them.

    Refco has been discussed extensively on ET but much of the focus was on whether they'll survive, whether to withdraw funds from them, the CEO and the alleged fraud and the differentiation of the different facets of the business.
  8. every message board needs a board Jester!

    however, AYK is correct that it had an impact on CME and perhaps on CBOTs IPO next week...
  9. DIA/DOW still looks weak;
    but as for tek stocks OCT seems to be on schedule for living
    Yale Hirsch nickname bear killer.:cool:

    Not long or short CME but looks like the panic sellers got out,
    or sellers covered YOM Kipper;
    any rate closing above 50 dma again, above average buy volume.

    CME did put out a funny alsmost seemed kidding press release on thier SPY futures earlier this years;
    many traders didnt like that one:cool: :cool:
  10. Was thinking the EXACT same thing when i clicked on the Header. Can you ease up on giving your daily opinion on the state of the markett, a particular stock, the economy, what greenspan said, etc, etc.

    Everyone else that does this starts a JOURNAL, not a hundred plus threads that clog up the home page.
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