All daily statements are gone on IB

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Trader.NET, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. I was trying to download Friday's statement and found out all 2003 and current statements are gone from Account Management site.

    Can you access your statements? Did IB send out any notification?
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    Same for my statements, I can only see monthly statements for 2001, even the daily statements for 2004 are gone.....:confused:

    My guess is that they are working on their website / server

    We will see.......
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    Something we don't know had happened and is going one. :mad: IB, tell the truth. Are you hacked or what? Are your customers' money and investment safe?

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    There is some maintenance/upgrades going on over the weekend and I believe some servers storing data are temporarily unaccessible. You'll get your info back soon.

    your money is safe and we remain amongst the top brokerages in the states in terms of net equity and financial security. we've had successive record volume days this past week and are doing very well. there is no need for alarm.
  6. thanks for the update DEF and for looking into the matter

    now if only I can figure out the the blank email I got friday from IB was about

  7. My data is still down. Def, any ETA on this?
  8. What is all the panic about???:eek:

    It's Sunday and IB is working on upgrades or something.:D

    Would you prefer they work on upgrades during trading hours?

    Didn't think so.........:p

    Some of us have been trading online (since 1996) and truly appreciate todays technology and IB. We remember the old days and they were not all that good! :(

    Thanks IB for all the TWS upgrades and your good work!
  9. I agree. It is just that this is getting in the way of my yearly audit.
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    Looks like the data won't be "put back" until Monday during US working hours. I'm trying to get a confirm on whether or not it will be sooner and If I hear anything, I'll make another post.
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