All Candidates are Now Democrats

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seneca_roman, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Holy Sh..;

    Look at what is going on:

    McCain wants to buy everybody's house so they don't have to pay for the mortgages they signed for.

    Palin levies a windfall profits tax on oil company's and gives the money to the State's citizens. A tax, btw, the old guy opposed.

    Obamamamama, well he wants to give everybody everything and will levy taxes on the "rich" to pay for it.

    The other guy running with Obaamamama; well who the hell knows about him except he was put into office about the same time McCain turned 30 by the teacher's unions who needed a puppet in DC.

    They're ALL DEMOCRATS####


  2. In the most recent INTRADE market, the Democratic ticket Number 1 (Obama and the hair plug guy) is at 76% while the Democratic Ticket Numero Dos (The old guy and the MILF) is at 24%.

    Clearly the Democrats have a solid lead at this point.