all Bush bashers, if he offered you high job, would you take it ??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FutTrd, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. FutTrd


    okay so he blew up new york

    but if he offered high position within white house, OR even better CIA NSA lets say

    would you take the job

    don't lie to yourself, of course you would
  2. man


    how stupid can one be to ask oneself such a
    question. and how stupid most one be to even
    take it out to the public and ask others.
  3. FutTrd


    so what is your answer.

    a big YES :D
  4. :p
  5. BSAM


    Yo FutTrd---I thought you said: "Goodbye ET, I learned nothing here".
  6. FutTrd


    you got me there BSAM, you got me

    well what can I tell ya, we traders are lonely guys

    all my friends all my family, none of them want to talk market or know anything about it

    so here I am crawling back :p
  7. man


    the answer is that this is a stupid question. if bush asks me
    to be his secretary of defense, i have multiple questions to ask
    myself. how much do i have to bend my beliefs (i mean clinton
    had a republican and the man did not convert as far as i know),
    how much power do i actually have to get my agenda through
    and so forth.
    but since your question obviously implies: all bashers=critics
    are kissing his ass once they are offered something, therefore
    their bashing is hypocricy in the first place is ... stupid.
    or you imply that everybody rushes for such a job because of
    the money, fame or whatever ... is stupid as well. 24/7 job in
    a crocodile tank is not my personal ideal of life. and i do not
    need to earn substantially more than i do now.
  8. when you have a president who believes he has a mandate from god to attack iraq he is not going to listen to advisors.
    However, DeYoung wrote, Powell, who had been asked by the White House to resign several weeks before, found Bush dismissive and unconcerned, as unwilling to heed his top diplomat's warnings as he had been for the previous four years.

    Powell afterward called the meeting, a formal final face-to-face between the two men before Powell would be replaced by Condoleezza Rice, as "really strange", DeYoung said. "The president didn't know why I was there," Powell said.