All Arabs out of the USA

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  1. Yep

    I have decided that this is the only way.

    All of you Arabs need to start packing right away.

    Get your camels, your towels, your robes, your explosives, your Korans, your swords, your prayer rugs, and the rest of your crap and get the hell out.

    Alternatively for those who "insist" on staying, I suggest we open up the same internment camps we used for the Japanese during World War II. We will give you until September 1, 2006 to get your asses to one of these camps and be prepared to stay there indefinitely.

    For those of you "good Arabs" let me be the first to say, "I am truly sorry, but because your brothers around the world are such fucking assholes, you will all have to put up with a bit of inconvenience. Once we catch and kill all of your terrorist brothers and sisters, you can go back to what you were doing"

    There, I think that about does it. I think everyone will agree that I have been very patient. I will give you folks a week.

    Set your watches, your sundials, or whatever the fuck you folks use to tell time.

  2. Okay then

    You Mexicans, once those goat humping camel jockeys have left their homes, you guy have my permission to move you and your 27 relatives in there. Now that you have decent homes, I don't want to hear anymore bitching about citizenship. Your lucky we don't just deport your illegal asses back to Mexico.

    I expect you folks to get right back to picking my produce, washing my cars, cooking my food, doing my housekeeping and all the many things that I simply don't have time for right now (including trafficking in drugs and shooting the ocassional black gangbanger).

    Do not test me, or I will simply have you guys sent right back to Rosarito Beach. Remember we used to have excellent Japanese gardeners here in Santa Barbara and we can have them back here in a second.

    Consider yourselves on probation.
  3. Holmes


    Totally agree.

    And I go out on a limb here: Lebanon is heading to some more bashing, they have not yet learned their lessons.

    These single digit IQ peasants seem always to think it is someone else's problem but by condoning the rocket throwers amongst their midst they are just as guilty. Does not matter if they are Christians or not - they are allowing attacks on a foreign government.

    Oh the worlds outrage. Where is the outrage when they keep on attacking Israel? Where is the outrage when they stone / kill a girl for looking at the wrong guy? Or these "honor killings"? Or gassing the Kurds? Or the bombings in Bali? Or the Abu Sayaf in the Phillipines? Or a self adminstered enclave in France (who was outspoken against the US getting into Iraq)

    At least the way things are going it won't be long to have to avoid "hitting innocent bystanders". Innocent, yeah right, like the impotent UN allowing terrorists to meet / hide / fire rockets from the area they are supposed to supervise.... When was the last times the corrupt UN done anything useful?

    When you are at "war" then you can expect to be interned. Can be put to some good use in labourcamps making some roads or so, peferably in Iraq.

    Round them up cowboys!
  4. Alright then the last thing we have to take care of is you poor people .

    Frankly there are just too many of you here

    I can't even drive my car to the mall without seeing you folks with your cardboard signs asking for money and when I drive through the "In & Out", there you guys are again with your signs and your mangy dogs asking for help. Last week I had trouble finishing my french fries! Its just getting to be too much. So here's the deal. I will give you folks a week to get your act together. If you're a drug addict, just stop it. If you are an alcoholic, you need to get your act together. Try bottled water and chewing gum to begin with, and if that doesn't work I think we will have to move on to electroshock. Those of you who are Mexicans may want to look for jobs working behind the counters at convenience stores. As I understand it, there is going to be a sudden lack of available labor in that sector next week.

    As a final comment, I don't want to see anymore of you pushing those damn shopping carts around. My Mexicans need those when they do my grocery shopping. So get a clue.

    I will be back to check on you folks in a week. I don't want to have to get medieval on you folks.


  5. Now as far as you Jews are concerned, I want you guys to know that I am starting to get a little concerned.

    We shipped all that military hardware over to you guys, and gave you great training and you are putzing around with missiles, killing civilians.

    I expect you Hebrews to get a clue this next week. You guys need to send your meanest flesh eating special forces into Lebanon and kick some Hezzbolah ass. I mean now Jewboys. Either you do it or we will have to lob some nukes in there to show these bastards what a real All-American ass whipping feels like.

    Do I have your attention?

    Oh yeah and finally, you guys need to push back from the matzos and the pastrami there. You Israelites are starting to look a little bit puffy.

  6. Okay then, lets see;

    Camel jockeys, Mexicans, poor people, Jews. Yep, we can talk about retarded people, short people, "bitches & ho's" next week.

    Lets get it together people. I want to see some significant improvement by next week.

  7. u much better off over there my friend; here in the uk arabs have an enormous position of power and likely to get more and more influential in policy makin' decisions...i cannot walk more than a mile without findin' a freakin' mosque and if is not there yet rest assured they plannin' to build one...italy in this regard is a much tougher country...just no way they gonna allow 'em to take over our country; every proposal to build a religious space for the sake of allah was met with stonewallin'. no that i see much wrong with integration but let 'em stay here and complain about our liberties and way of life is just a disgrace.
    that mohammed cartoon incident created havoc on the streets...children dressed as suicide bombers staged a protest that lasted fun to watch 'em shoutin' death to the western world in front of the police and protesters arrested for complainin' about that. sheesh how hypocritical our gov is.
  8. Not me man. My attitude is simple.

    This is the United States.

    If you want to live here you need to;

    speak English.

    salute the flag

    eat cheeseburgers, not falafel.

    I have no problem with people respecting their heritage. My own is Italian and American, but the bottom line is I am an American first and last. If this country isn't good enough for you, get the fuck back to whatever mud hut you came from.

    end transmission

  9. thats what i meant innit...u wanna live here, fine by me but why the fuck are they allowed to fuckin' complain about our freedoms and get their way into decision makin'...if they want a pariah state get the fuck outta here and go live in the kashmir borders, sheesh why the hell have they got to be part of our gov. sharia laws, thats what they want....go to hell.
  10. When a rocket is fired into Israeli territory (for the purpose of murdering Israeli civilians), the IDF calculates the precise trajectory of the incoming rocket, and then returns fire on the enemy position.

    Allah's brave warriors deliberately fired on Israel from a location thick with civilians, and they knew <b>exactly</b> what Israel would do in response. Hezbollah killed those Leb civilians, not Israel.
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