All about the "Touch"

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  1. Companies are jumping out with announcement and rumor that they too are developing touch screen devices.

    Wait a minutes! Don't you see touch screen at Walmart?

    Once dusts settle down, you can tell who has the stylish, the elegance by looking at the well educated upper class hand movement from iPhone owner
  2. 160 cleared
  3. I just recently sold SYNA which are the " touch " masters. Maybe a mistake but it ran on unfounded Apple hype. ~ stoney
  4. Apple has redefine human hand movement, other kind of "touch" really doesn't touch.

    Watch 100M iTouch users switch to iPhone because the way it touches,

    Right, Apple has redefine human hand movement
  5. In two years, users with wrong kind of touch phones would be embarrassed even making calls. The iTouch has redefined human hand movement. You don't want behave like a monkey, do you?
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    Codedeep wouldn't you just love to roll around in the hay with Steve Jobbs?
  7. It could go to 180 before earnings release
  8. Do you have the touch?
  9. See the yahoo news, where iPod stands

    STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Two European scientists won the 2007 Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for a discovery that lets computers, iPods and other digital devices store reams of data on ever-shrinking hard drives.
  10. When will AAPL top out?

    In 3-5 years when 1/4 around you have iTouch or iPhone.
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