all a scheme to create a superfund for gov?

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  1. Hmmm, this is an interesting article, don't know if I buy it, but it's interesting:,-Paulson-finally-got-his-superfund

    And, the conclusion:

    If you can rise up and view the U.S. economy from a helicopter view then you will see that the events of September have structurally strengthened the entire system. Large foreign investors know exactly what’s going on over here. On October 1st, global investors will look with awe and ask how did they do all of that in just one month? The dollar will climb as the globe observes our superfund appreciation potential. America has quickly fixed her problems and it didn’t happen by chance. Thanks to Bernanke, a brilliant student of the Depression, and thanks to Paulson, a well-connected market wizard, we have been put back on the bull market track. Check out our market leading investment newsletter at to see how to play this new market.

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  2. unemployment is still a strong 6.1%, GDP is 3.3%, inflation is tame, oil prices are dropping, and mortgage default rates are only 5%.