All a Girl Needs is Money to "Look" Hot

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  1. This picture kinda depressed me.
  2. More like fake boobs, bleached hair and contact lenses. And losing 25 pounds.
  3. Makes you wonder if that girl you see on the street is live or memorex :)

    LaPerla has done more for a womans bosom than you can imagine.....

    And MAC Makeup.... WHEW!!!!!
  4. Why is it depressing?

    You mean, in the going home sh#tfaced with some stunner, only to find she's a double bagger in the morning kind of depressing, or...............

    the average girl you dumped , if they'd put their face on like they just met george clooney, coulda been a keeper kind of depressing?

    Or, a different kind of depressing?
    Like, not owning shares in revlon or something............ :confused:
  5. Some would need a LOT of help. :D

  6. JayS


    Reminds me of Ron White's bit, you can't fix stupid.
  7. Jon Frum

    Jon Frum

    If you mate up, she will be "hot" for about as long as you will remain "ripped". At some point the hardwired compulsion to mix 50% of your chromosomes wears off, and you wake up. The big consideration is: "Who IS this person? " Just my opinion of course....
  8. Gives a whole new meaning to this phrase


  9. Strange, i dont recall dropping acid just now, guess i must have.:confused:
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