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    Of course that it is very possible to lose money, but if you develop a very good method of scalping , you can to commit a lot of money in a single trade by knowing that most of probabilities there are by your correct side.

    Today , I only was 10 minutes seated at the front of the screen. Only I make +2 pips and won 1000 dollars. Of course, is a "demo" account but this method works for me.
    I hope you will understand my bad English because I am writing from Argentina and Spanish is my current language.

    My idea is to demonstrate that "scalping" well done is the best way to trade in forex market.

    Here is the link to my account:


    Can you see that in each trade I only won few pips, not more; and my account grew from the initial 100.000 to the current 130.000 in only 20 days.

    Next time I will explain more why I say that scalping is the best way to win in Forex market.

    Best regards from Argentina,

    Peloro (JIGTrader in Dukascopy contest)
  2. But ohhh..... it sure does hurt when you lose...

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    Of course ElectricSavant. But can you see in my account the very little number of losses compared with the number of wining trades


    In some moments of the market it is possible to make a trade with a huge probability of win

    I am trying to automate this.

    Best regards,

    Peloro (JIGtrader)
  4. Yeah..you are doing a good job... you must have fantastic entries to be able to hold your risk so close to your target...and a 73% winrate aint bad with that Target/SL ratio...


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  6. How does the ranking work in the Dukascopy contest...? (I saw our thread author pick up one rank just in the time of these postings) ?


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    ElectricSavant, : the ranking in the contest is a mix of the amount you win, plus the pips you win (you can win a lot of pips but little amount of money, if each trader you make is with 0,1 lots for instance...) also the ranking take the votes of other traders . If you see my blog, you will see many people that were voting + to me
    I hope you will understand my horrible English :)

    Best regards from Argentina

    Peloro (JIGtrader)
  8. (Trendlover)...so the Rank means nothing...

    (Peloro) but good job in your trading...your English is fine.


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    For the dukascopy contest of 933 people, it is very good. To mix how much money, pips, and +votes for rank show potential, true?:)
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