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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. Very nice article...congrats.....But i have to ask...5000 square foot addition??? Are you hoping to cash in on all the degenerate gamblers out there LOL!????

    will tat be your biggest office in terms of sq. footage??
  2. seisan


    I believe I heard Bob say at the Tour that construction time
    for BT's corporate office addition is 85 work days...

    Any chance you might have a pre-Open House during
    The Las Vegas Traders Expo, Nov 20-23?

    Might like to check it out.
  3. Don and company,

    Congradulations on the upcoming expansion!
  4. burnin


    for alot of us and it comes to no suprise he and his company
    are doing well.
  5. Great article and congratulations on the expansion of the Las Vegas office! Nice to see a positive article for a change in regards to daytrading and the industry. :)
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    Seems to me like the Bright's are simply investing in Las Vegas real estate. Fastest growing city in America. Makes some sense even if they don't have any traders in there they can always sell or rent the building. These days it makes sense to close all those remote offices in the random 40 cities they have and concentrate on larger offices where there is more accountability and more revenue in which to spread the fixed costs over.

    My guess is that when the Brights start to close all those little offices they won't plant a story in their hometown newspapaer like they did this one.
  7. Thanks for the nice words from most of you. Even 1929 said something nice inadvertently, that we have so much clout that we can "plant" a story in a paper in a city the size of Las Vegas. And, yes, our planning has been fortunate(even lucky), having some of the leases expire, sending traders remote, and focus on having larger trading centers (for some of the reasons you mention). As far as the purchase of LV Real Estate, it's a little late in the curve to count on that being a good investement. We do like the idea of having a better training center.

    Anyway, I thought it was nice to see something nice written about any trading firm these days.

    Back to work....

  8. why are you flaming on don when he helps support the board you are using? so he got a little publicity...why does it bug you?
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    2200+ posts and you don't recognize a post for what it is? Read it again without your preconceived bias. It is not a flame. It is an analysis of the situation. In fact Mr. Bright is right in that I was complimenting them on the concept of both the office expansion and being able to plant articles in the newspaper. I said that I thought it made sense to invest in LV real estate and to close some of the offices. The only word that could be construed as being negative toward Mr. Bright was the use of "random" when referring to his offices. However, that was not inteded to have a negative tone, rather it was descriptive of the fact that he had offices all over the country in no discernable pattern.
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