Alienware quiet? Quadcore recommendations?

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  1. anyone use an Alienware area 51 7500 or other Alienware for trading?

    Are these things loud? one thing that bugs me is the PC noise on my current dell. however, I also am looking around for a quad core with the new Nvidia 8800GTX card. the cooling systems for both would tend to make a PC louder. anyone have a good rec for a quiet quad core? do Alienware's accoustic dampening and liquid cooling system make it quieter? Thanks in advance.
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    replacing your fan with super quiet fan will cut down the noise
  3. yes. however I'm hitting the limits of what my current CPU and memory can do. so I'm trying to see what's out there.
  4. If you're willing to build your own system then do a search on "Silent PC" and look at some of the systems people built.

    Buy yourself a quiet case ... I bought an Antec Sonata for my E6600 system + a quiet CPU fan and its quiet as a mouse. Make sure your graphics card either has no fan or is quiet under low 3D load (like the 7900GS's).

    Brilliant :)
  5. it's cheaper, but I've never built a system myself. so I'm reluctant to put together a high end quad core to find out if I'm up to it. :D
  6. Yes, I confess to some trepidation with the 6600 but it was surprisingly simple. I did take a long time and triple check every instruction.

    I think it can be better as well as cheaper - some of those silent pc systems are very cool.
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    I use Tranquil T2s for trading as they are silent and generate very little heat.

    Don't have the perfromance of standard PCs but more than adequate for all the trading applications that I run. Need to use them with fanless PCI graphics cards to get crystal clear images with no noise.

    They are also 19 inch rack mountable so you can rack up as many as you need in a cheap AV rack case.

    Have found the low power consumption very useful as you can run them off a decent size UPS and get hours of back-up run-time in case of a power outage.
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    I had alienware

    its ok, if you are a kid who likes to play games

    once you get serious as a trader

    you'll switch to Qosmio latest always

    quiet, lighter, good performance,

    elegant and sophisticated

    oh and lets not even talk about security
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  10. I got a Sony with a 1gb memory upgrade for little over 2k dollars, and have a 2 monitor setup with the default graphics card.

    Because it's liquid cooled, there's no noise.

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