Alienware OLED 2880x900 screen at CES

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hrokling, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Wow, that is nice. One fluid monitor vs. 2 or 3.

    The next step is to trade from a machine like in the Minority Report...
  2. maybe i am missing something...but i see that as a "DLP" monitor. there is no mention of "oled".

    maybe you are confusing that with the news of the sony 11" oled.

    nonetheless, i like the DLP potential.
  3. I hate DLP. I dumped all my DLP rear projections this past summer.

    DLP in a Projector on a wall is one thing, but in a TV.. Bah!!!!
  4. domestic, it's both DLP and OLED (google).

  5. not to beat a dead horse, but domestic is right. there is no oled to this monitor. oled is so different from this one it is ridiculous. see this data:

    The specifics are that it's a rear-projection DLP screen that can run at a resolution of 2,880x900 pixels (wider than a 30-inch LCD, but not quite as tall).

    thanks to this thread for the info.....hrokling, learn your tech instead of linking to google and simply believing what you read!
  6. Not OLED.

    Did you see the huge rear-end on that monitor?

    DLP for a computer monitor with huge ass?

    No thanks.

    Bring me 0.3 inch thick OLED to the market!
  7. I agree...I was at a holiday party and the guy had a 50'' DLP TV...I couldn't bare to tell him ..but I thought the picture was shitty.