Alien washes up on Manhattan shore

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  2. r-in


    Or bloated Rottweiler.

  3. i thought maybe he just fell out the space ship..

  4. TGregg


    Looks like a raccoon.
  5. hughb


  6. Here's a real chupacabra we found in Georgia in 2010.

    This thing was huge, one wacky looking creature. The legs are too small to support its weight and size. Must have weighed 60 plus pounds. I think its a genetic experiment from the nearby military base that escaped somehow. Like a cross between a bear and a weasel/mink. It's face looked just a bear.

  7. maybe was hit by car in upper roadway and launched into the river.
  8. in all seriousness, it wouldnt surprise me if it was s pit bull used for fighting, a lot of times the dogs they no longer have use for they throw in the river.. sad but true.
  9. hughb


    If it was a dog, where is the hair? BTW, Animal Control said it was a pig, which it obviously isn't.
  10. SamGold


    Looks exactly like Bwolinsky.
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