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  1. is this ipo is being traded in US?
    what is the symbol
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    ticker is 1688.HK

    you can get a quote on yahoo finance

    the best way to play it is to own yhoo. yhoo owns almost 40% of the parent company Alibaba Group. a second IPO from the group is being planned for spring 08.

    watch yhoo move this week.
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    here's what i posted on 10-11-07 01:41 PM:

    i forgot to mention that the safest china play is yhoo. read up on alibaba to find out why.

    this is when yhoo was much posts about yhoo's long-term potential were ignored and poopooed by ETers.

    ET continues to be one of the best contrarian indicator out there!

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    hmm reminds me of the late 90's...

    anyone remember

    ARBA or CMRC

    what about the B2B etf


  6. Alibaba will also trade on under However, it will not be available to Americans for 40 days (Dec 17).
  7. Why not just get trading permission to trade the HK market( it is free) and buy Alibaba directly. It is only $3-4 USD now and will probably go up if it someday gets listed on the Nasdaq?