Algorythmic trading. f***ing efficient.

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraDaToR, Jul 18, 2008.

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    I am sure a lot of clicked on this ad on the ET home page. Great way to gather attention.I was thinking it was for a dedicated black box broker.

    Good stuuf, TSSUPPORT...LOL.
  2. Brilliant advertising that's for sure.
  3. BSAM


    Dumb, offensive advertising.
  4. MGJ


    Thread title is misspelled, the letter "Y" does not appear in the ad.

  5. stu


    I agree.
    My opinion is…
    It’s hard to see the rationale for swearing at readers and potential customers. As a means to attract attention, its value would be extremely limited.
    Who exactly does it appeal to?
    The merely inquisitive, who on reaching the product eventually view it negatively anyway because it only took some indecent language to get them there ?
    Realizing that kind of advertising is stereotyping traders as an ignorant bunch of profane morons who only understand vulgarity? So then where are those essential f words used in the website and the product itself to satisfy the target audience and keep them amused? And the traders at home who open Elite to find that in front of the family? Hardly a wholesome business approach to things.
    There is nothing particularly clever in risking offence to potential customers by utilizing what is widely considered as anti-social advertising on a social message board
    It will probably only alienate people and other advertisers, who might think of their products as professional and not want to be associated within a juvenile crude environment.
    Risking offense builds resentment. Also for something trying to be sold across different cultures, vulgarity like that will likely do more harm than create positive reactions.
    Overall a negative reaction in the marketplace.

    Anyway, for f*ks sake its 2008. All this swearing, double meaning, suggestive bawdry crap has been done before. Attractively presented clever, stimulating, informational - associated with the product itself advertising works.
    "oooh f**kin hell look at this" is cheap and nasty . It hardly becomes ET or the other advertisers who are sullied by association from their presence in the same message board.
  6. Well it got my fucking attention!!!!!!!!! LOL

    I am sure it doesn't appeal to everyone, to each his own.