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    I am planning to join a prop firm to start trading. As such I am very new to this. Lately, I have been doing my research about trading in general and have come to know that algorithmic trading is making a big impact in the financial makets and more than 80% of trades are expected to be Algo trader this year, resulting in a massive job cuts for traders, and this trend will continue in the coming months. Please advice if it is advisable to go into full time trading as a career option or should I stay away. Thanks.
  2. In order to stay competitive in the trading industry, it would be of great benefit for you to bring some coding capabilities to the table. If you can develop and implement successful algos, you can write your own ticket, so to speak. So put down the elliot wave books, and pick up the C++, JAVA, and system development ones, you'll be glad you did.
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    I have been writing in various forum to know more about trading, and its prospects for a newbie like me. Yours has been the best piece of advice I have received so far. Never thought of trading from the ITs point of view. Thanks.