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    I'm looking for a algorithmic trading platform that can work under multiple brokers. any thoughts??
  2. The closest thing a retail can do is:

    1. Find a solution that can connect yourself to multiple brokers. Expect to use FIX.

    2. Find a solution that will enable to manage the multiple feeds. If you're provided with Solution 1, usually firms offer a solution for this.

    3. Find a CEP/ESP solution that allows you to run algos. within the managed datas. There's plenty of CEP/ESP packages out there...

    Rather than looking for a single solution, divide-and-conquer.

    If you can program:

    Get QuickFIX.

    Get ESPer. (Actually, I prefer hard-coding the algos in the QuickFIX interface...)
  3. I agree with TS....Esper and QuickFIX are a good start. If you have the capital then GS Rediplus, CS AES, or Boomberg can access multiple brokers.
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    orc software
  5. what markets are you looking to auto-trade?