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  1. 7 April recap

    It's nice to have a winning first day after starting a thread!

    I run bit of a 'scalping' strategy and don't generally hold positions overnight, unless I have a good reason to. As mentioned earlier, due to the high commissions I am quite selective on my trades. I enter around 15-20 positions average/day and exit before close around 95% of the time. Today's number was 18.

    I imagine a lot of 'day-trading' strategies have somewhat similar 'turnover', what are some typical stats people look at for these strategies? I look at stuff like (std/trade, pnl/trade, %winning trades, std/day, pnl/day). What are considered 'good' numbers?
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  2. Interesting mini-crash straight after open this morning..... This has been the theme recently it seems :D
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  3. 8 April recap

    Again 18 trades today. My target is 5-10bps/trade after cost. Will do more analysis once my sample gets big enough
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  4. No, I don’t usually. But this seems pretty fascinating to me so i might end up looking it up some time soon. Thank you for the idea though.
  5. I like to invest in Japanese stocks. They can get you some great results. You just need to make sure that you understand how they have been performing lately.