Algorithmic Trading for individual investors - a survey for my course paper

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by audreybrine_mba, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Hi Friends,

    I am an MBA student who is preparing a paper on "Algorithmic Trading for individual investors". I need to get a pulse on the popular tools, platforms, strategies etc. so that I understand what resources are available to an individual investor today. For this I have prepared a survey of a maximum of 13 questions (all multiple choice questions) and would be really grateful if you guys could participate in it. The survey is anonymous since the intention is just to understand what is available today for the average investor to jump into the algorithmic trading space.

    Please click on the survey at Thank you in advance.

  2. The idea seems brilliant , and if every individual gets to use then i feel we are going to empower the individual with lots of power.

    Its going to take a lot of statistics to do this but it will definitely do wonders.
  3. heh I just answered your survey.

    Im with a cheap computer, but the $ i put in for upgrades, s/w licenses, and multiple LCD, VGA card, multicore... it cost more than $5000 lol.