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    Does anybody know of a prop/pro/hedge fund that would finance an algo trading strategy for equities?

    I need at least 0.0005 per share.

    The strategy can trade over +1m shares a day.

    I can send results to serious inquiries.

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    Sorry if I'm being dense, but would you mind elaborating on this? (0.0005 for what?)
  4. Yes, many hedge funds, prop shops, and principal trading firms will finance algo trading strats. Just walk in, explain your edge, and if it is plausible and you have decent references and background, you'll probably get a shot.

    Needing $0.50 per thousand commission rate to be profitable implies a very small per share edge. Such models are very difficult to simulate so yours would have to be tested with real money.

    As of now you have posted so little information about your system that it is not even worth pm'ing you. Why don't you post more details?

    Also, in another thread you mention trading through Sterling Pro. FYI, this does not add to your credibility in the HFT space. Neither does Matlab for a realtime (rather than developement) platform.
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    Im not looking for credibility on the HFT space on elite trader.
    Everybody here is a million dollar trader here anyways.

    I used to prop trade and remembered that the execution fees were 0.5 per 1000 share. Looking for the same kind of execution fees. My strategy was tested using higher execution fees, but i'm not going to pay higher fees just because the strategy is profitable at those higher price..

    This is a business so I limit my expenses. Using a platform like sterling is suited for my needs so I can prove that the strat works live.

    I'm self finance and don't have the same budget for research as a hedge fund or a bank. So I use the resources that are available to me. And when the strat shows profitability then I invest more if needed in infrastructure.

    BTW from my experience in trading nobody cares what platform you use as long as you make money and have results.

    Please PM me if you have anybody has good info.
  6. Sent you a PM.

    Do you currently use Sterling? I am looking to back/partner with individuals/teams and Sterling API is an option as well as others like Bloomberg OMS and Lightspeed.

    FYI - Sterling isn't bad unless you are sending out many orders (thousands) at a time because its a single-threaded application.
  7. hi, can you pm me with more details.

    i can get you 0006.