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    Amazingly, I thought this board would be covered up by folks looking for programming projects.....not so. I have a working idea, but need an algo guy to translate it into computer speak for me.

  2. If u have made money on the idea. I'll code it for deee
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    so you expect that the guys who can program suppose to post here offers like -dying to code for free? :p

    what's make your think that this is easy or even possible?..i have 10's of working ideas AND programming knowledge. but some of them can't be translated into code,some cannot be practical due lack of power for me on my retail level..list of constraints could be very long
  4. Programming Sub-Forum Description: Low-level software topics like HFT system design or platform/module development with languages such as C++, C#, Java, Python,, etc.

    Why do you find that so odd that this forum isn't filled with folks looking for programming projects? ET is spam free. If anyone wants to get business they can contact Baron (see below contact info) and become a sponsor...otherwise ET is not the classified section for the financial enrichment of programmers/vendors/ commercial it?

    By the way...Welcome to ET.

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  5. I see how this specific forum is well-defined. However, early on when it came to be (I think last year?) I wondered: why is there a programming forum that has absolutely nothing to do with trading on elitetrader?

    Would I get the best feedback with an obscure programming question here or on another, more popular, programming-only type of forum?
  6. Well...Try your sincere question out here.

    Better to try here in this sub-forum rather that in...ummmm....the trading sub-forum of ET.


  7. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I think the better question to ask yourself is "Why would I post a programming question related to building a trading system on a general programming site when I could post that same question on a site like ET that actually has programmers writing code for systems and financial apps?"
  8. I understand. It seems, though, that the good/bad question distinctions are a bit nuanced:

    I took it to mean that I shouldn't ask about programming with IB's API, with Genesis' API, with NinjaTrader, with Lime, with Rithmic, or any other type of API because those are other vendors. I also perfectly understand that this sub-forum has a sponsor with a particular technology they sell and bringing up other tech isn't the purpose.

    I would hazard a guess that 95% of programming that traders do uses some interface to a commercial technology - so the general questions permitted are all basically pure computer science. Nothing wrong with that per se. I will start a thread shortly with some questions that are relevant and within forum scope.

    I appreciate the forums, Baron.
  9. Baron

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    No, you've got this completely backwards and you're about as wrong as you can be. Of course you can talk about other vendors. I'm looking at the current thread list in this forum and two out of first five threads are about IB's API, so how you came to that conclusion is beyond me.

    Wrong again. If the purpose of the forum was only to talk about products from Modulus, then we would describe this forum as follows: "This forum is only for talking about products from Modulus."
  10. I appreciate you having taken the time to clarify and I apologize for getting the wrong impression based on the good/bad questions.

    Thanks for all you do in keeping this place running.
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