Algo and Automated Systems Trading Webinar

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  1. RovingEye


    Interesting webinar. Does Altavest integrate with 3rd party brokerage accounts? If so which ones?
  2. Hello @RovingEye , Thank you for the feedback. Altavest is an Independent Introducing Broker (futures/futures options, not securities). Clients open accounts with us and trade through us. Is that what you were asking? Regards, Erik
  3. Skynetgen


    Do you have platform to develop your own algorithms one or you can only use the provided ones?
  4. themickey


    A 55 minute slick sales spiel video.
    My personal opinion, it seems value for money what is offered, for less than $1k, I would say "there is nothing to lose" for anyone giving this a try.
    The only thing I can think of is Altavest perhaps make their money out of trading commissions which is not a negative, but had me thinking, why so cheap?
    If any ET members get involved, would be interested in your feedback just out of interest.
    No good for me though as I'm an Australian ASX trader. (Have my own algos.)
  5. @themickey, thanks for the note. A "slick sales spiel video"...I'll take that as compliment? ;) Yes, we are a brokerage firm offering trading services, and we are compensated via commissions. We have clients in various countries and offer systems on multiple different futures exchanges, sectors and markets...currencies, energies, stock indices, agriculture, financials, etc.
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  6. We do not have a developer platform for public use. Thank you for your interest!
  7. themickey


    Yes a well presented video imo, when I spotted the 55 minutes was at first reluctant to spend the time on it, but it was ok, wasn't boring.
    I attempted to garner some interest on it here ( )but so far can see no response.
    Possibly "webinar" in the thread title is not raising many eyeballs.
    Wish you luck as I sincerely believe for those wishing to start trading would gain a huge advantage just tagging along on this program, it's like uncle/aunty holding your hand, one couldn't help but learn to be a better trader.
    Perhaps market it as a mentoring program or tool?
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