Algae is Where It's At

Discussion in 'Economics' started by oldtime, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Algae can produce more oil than dinasaurs on an on going sustasinable basis. Plus it actually eats CO2. Problem is, when you burn the algea oil it contributes to global warming.

    You take some water, and some sunlight and create some algae and then process it and it creates an oil like diesel. It's very, very efficient.

    why do people laugh at it?

    not cheap right now. 8 or 9 dollars a gallon

    but that's at USD 78
  2. I hold szym. It's the future it looks like since no other real alternative has been economical.
  3. it may be SZYM now, but soon it will be XOM and they will do films in Hollywood about the evil algae farms.

    Should be pretty low budget, because you can film just a few miles out of LA.

    When I was a kid I visited my aunt in Pasadena, there were all kinds of oil wells pumping to their hearts content all over California.

    they say AZ is a great place to start an algea farm. Needs sunlight, very little water.

    otherwise, I've run a little of that bio diesel and it really messes up a fuel filter. It's clean, but it's so clean it flushes out all the dinasuar crap so fast, that you can only run one or the other.