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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Vienna, Jun 1, 2002.

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    Has anybody done DD on Alfatrader- a swing trading website? There used to be some posts back in Dec. 2001. Anybody using them?

  2. Oh yeah! I used to use them all the time. (Now I use Shortboy!) They are absolutely awesome!!

    Last summer I took a Carribbean cruise with the profits I made in my spare time!! This year (since going fulltime), I'm trying to decide between a Jag or a vacation condo in Cancun!

    Thanks Alfatrader!

    PS - you've been a member for a year and half and your still looking for a website??
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    If you do not have anything productive to say, at least save yourself the embarassment of trying to be sarcastic and witty when you are clearly not- this is too primitive to even be entertaining. Also- what do you care about why I look for what and how long I am a member? Why do you think that I might possibly be interested in a reply like this?

  4. I'm clearly neither sarcastic nor witty? Not even a bit? Damn. I didn't think I was that bad.

    I didn't expect you to be interested in my reply...I'm stuck at home with the flu and just killing time on ET.

    I'll give you a serious reply to your Allen Zuckerman question though. The guy actually posts a track record. While his performance isn't earth shattering, that's always a good sign. If he calls his exits in real time, with the liquidity on both the QQQs and the NQs, you shouldn't have any problem emulating his results. I'm not sure if he provides commentary/education material aswell. He gives a trial period. Why not check it out.
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    Now that is better....:)

    Get well,