alexis should go....

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  1. Looking through p/r foum couldnt help noticing that a 1/3 of them have been started by alexisI, basically just spamming and cluttering up the forum. Is there really a reason he should b there?
  2. refuse removal--

  3. Page views?

  4. some have like 5k+ views, weird

  5. Does this mean he just constantly refreshes the page?
  6. that's a good possibility, I actually hadn't thought of it. Of course he has been here many times before and been banned. He lasted the longest as the username Publisher.

    What I don't get it why, since Baron knows that he's the same guy, does he ever get banned in the first place? Baron knows he isn't going to put any teeth into the ban because he will let the guy just re-register with a different name?

    Actually, I know the answer to that one.

    Page views.
  7. Pretty weird. One of his threads started today has almost 30,000 views. I'm wondering if this is something that gets his posts a 'better' google rating. If this is the case then Baron and ET, by being complacent towards this racist crap, are getting used by Nazi/KKK members to further their cause. :confused:

  8. Baron?

    Obv alexis,plato,nebukahdnesser etc... is way over the top, even by et standards,,,perhaps an IP ban?
  9. Ok, this is going to sound bizarre you guys, but here goes.

    I clicked on one of his threads last night and a piece of classical music started playing. I thought 'That's strange' so I closed the entire browser window. I then relaunched the browser (it's Firefox with 6 tabs set to open at launch, one being ET). So the browser launches and the ET homepage comes up. I then navigate to the forums listings and click on the link to the thread created by Alexis I.

    Immediately this music start playing again. Same piece.

    So I repeat this process a few times. I then try opening the page and then navigating away and then back agian. Each time the music started when I clicked on that thread only.

    Is that strange or what? Can anyone explain that?


    Yep!! It's still doing it for me
  10. WOW! Thats a neat trick. I wonder if thats 2 victors hitting it 15,000 times apiece,( how long would that take?) or, 30,000 unique visitors?
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