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    Here we see a group of illegal immigrant prisoners gathered in a camp on the US Southern Border----
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    A group of ICE agents are depicted below enjoying their free time outside of the US Southern Border camps---

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    In the photo below, corpses of prisoners on the US Southern Border are prepared for burial after mistreatment by ICE agents---
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    Kidding, right?

    That's just a bunch of AOC's constituents enjoying a day at the beach.
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  5. Wayy to go lefties.

    Just a kid having some fun and some laughs, but you snuffed her out.

    Hope that makes your little world safer now. She is eight years old.

    Despicable: ‘Mini AOC’ Parents Forced To Close Social Media Accounts After Doxxing

    I would hope that Rep. AOC would call the kid up and share a couple laughs with her and tell her that she was not offended and that it was all great fun. I dont expect it, but I dont rule it out either. Unlike her buddy, Isis Ilhan, I don't think AOC is mean-spirited, just stupid.
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    A new poll from inside socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's (D-NY) 14th congressional district has found that among registered voters, the far-left congresswoman is deeply unpopular.
    The door-to-door poll from Stop The AOC PAC yielded the following key results:

    • They don’t like her. She has a more than 2:1 ratio of unfavorable (50.88%) to favorable (21.37%) in public opinion.
    • They don’t trust her. Only 10.75% thought she had their best interests in mind in quashing the Amazon deal – 32.60% said she didn’t.
    • They don’t want her. 33.44% are ready to vote against her, and only 13.30% would vote for her.
    The poll also found that a plurality of Ocasio-Cortez's district did not agree with her decision to sabotage the Amazon deal, which would have brought tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity to her district.
    The final analysis from the poll stated:

    Facing an electorate more concerned with results than retweets, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has problems in her backyard. Despite her online notoriety and fandom in the national new progressive movement, the citizens of New York District 14 want a representative aligned with their values.

    After surveying voters in 2,261 homes in the district, it’s clear Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is not the model for hope and change she sold herself to be. The opportunity for a new voice is prevalent, and the electorate is ready to take action in 2020.

    The results from the Stop The AOC PAC poll are just the latest devastating numbers Ocasio-Cortez has had to face over her job performance. In March, Vox reported:

    A Quinnipiac poll released on Thursday morning found that 23 percent of Americans had a favorable view of the member of Congress, while 36 percent had an unfavorable view — a -13 overall approval rating ...

    This new poll isn’t a one-off finding. Three prior surveys — one in January from Morning Consult, one in February from Fox, and a third in mid-March from Gallup — all found that more Americans had negative views of AOC than had positive ones.

    In March, The Daily Wire also reported: "The findings of the Siena College poll of New Yorkers taken between March 10-14 prompted Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg to say, 'Only 12 percent call her hero, while 38 percent label her a villain.'"
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  7. [​IMG]
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    Just wait until someone tells her she actually has to get re-elected.

    Can someone say "CNN"?
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  10. Told you all...
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